Wallet - Add/Transfer Cash Wallet

Wallet - Add/Transfer Cash Wallet
Wallet opencart module - Used to for bank transfer , friends to friends transfer etc..

When a customer transfer or send money using any method ie cash,check, Admin add money in her/his wallet. On Customer dashboard he can see all transcation and also can send money to his or her freind http://prntscr.com/bmxiz2 it debit to amount to customer account and add to customer friend account .

On checkout if total price is equal to or less then wallet amount and select wallet the price is deduct from customer walletIf total price is greater then wallet amount and select wallet website redirect to partial payment page on this the amount in the wallet is subtract from total amount and balance amount pay by any payment gateway

The customer see her credit and debit amount by click on account ->Wallet Statement

On admin panel click on wallet ->customer to add wallet amount http://prntscr.com/bmxvh9

See all customer debit as well as credit amount

Admin Link

For customer use this details
bivek@leopedia.com / 123123

Go to my Account >> Wallet section to see demo

Free Installation provided

No files are modified easily installable.

Note* Do let us know if any feature you want to add after purchase if its a small customizations we will do it for free.

Its very clean and professional code by our developers


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