OpenID Connect Single Sign-On (SSO) Extension by Gluu

OpenID Connect Single Sign-On (SSO) Extension by Gluu
OpenID Connect Single Sign-On (SSO) Extension By Gluu

This extension enables user enrollment and authentication against any standard OpenID Provider (OP). In order for this extension to work, you will need:

1) To run a local instance of the oxd OAuth 2.0 client service (commercial software). There are oxd plugins, modules, and extensions for many popular open source platforms and frameworks, including: WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Drupal, Roundcube, Spring Framework, Play Framework, Ruby on Rails and Python Flask.

Get a license for oxd:

2) A standard OP that will handle user authentications. If you need an OP you should consider deploying the free open source Gluu Server.


This extension enables a Opencart site to send users to an external OpenID Provider for login.


If the user has an existing account in the OP, but not in Opencart , this extension will enable dynamic registration of the user in Opencart .

Single Sign-On (SSO)

By leveraging a central identity provider (IDP) for authentication you can enable single sign-on (SSO) to other web properties that rely on the same authentication system.


Easy to use Opencart admin UI
Bypass the local Opencart login page and send customers straight to the OP for authentication
Choice between automatic and role based new user enrollment
Assign a universal role to new users that authenticate against the OP
Request any authentication mechanism and user scopes made available by the OP


Gluu server site :
Oxd server site :
Documentation :
Support :

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