Related Searches Boost SEO

Related Searches Boost SEO
Welcome to the Related Searches OpenCart extension! This extension allows you to add unlimited links to your domain!

Increase the keyword density on these pages with your link text and link descriptions including vital keywords to improve your SEO.

The type of intrasite linking this extension offers will give your less visited pages "link juice" from the more visited pages.

- Product Page Relates Searches:

Add links to product related information pages, categories, blog, or any OpenCart page related to your products!

- Category Page Related Searches:

Direct your visitors from a category to a particular featured product, blog post, and more!

- Information and Manufacturer Related Searches:

Direct your visitors to products, categories, and blogs spotlighted by information and manufacturer pages!

Ease of use:

The extension is configurable through admin panel, where you add it to product, category, manufacturer, and information pages. On the respective property page for a product, category, manufacturer, or information page, you add unlimited Related Searches links to your domain! Each link will have a URL, link text, and link description! Purchase includes free tutorial in editing headline from Related Searches to whatever you wish!

Demo at: Front End Demo
Admin demo at: Admin Demo
user: demo password: password


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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