Magic Popup Window (OC 2.x/3.x)

Magic Popup Window (OC 2.x/3.x)
About Magic Popup Window

This module will help you to increase the number of buyers in your store by the psychological impact on the buyer.

When the customer sees this "Magic Pop-Up Window" that shows how many people have already bought the particular product, it creates the additional trust for the specific product. The customer will think that this specific product is popular and this fact will affect the customer trust for the particular product.

Module features:

  • Set up the background color for "Magic Pop-Up Window"
  • Customize the content inside the popup window
  • Customize the texts and the popup content in different languages
  • Customize the completion of the "buyers" text for "one" or "many" buyers
  • Set up the delay before/after appearing
  • Set up restrictions for total closings of the popup window for specific product or overall number of closings
  • Set up how long do not show the popup window if restrictions were exceeded (in N-days)
  • Use real or fictional data about the product buyers

Opencart 2.x Demo
Front: Front Demo Link
Admin: Admin Demo Link

Login: demo
Password: demo

Module updates:
  • Added support for 2.2.x version
  • Fixed small bug with settings
  • Added correct compatibility with declensions of "buyers" text in Cyrillic languages.

Powered by Leonid Dashko.

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