LitExtension: Magento to OpenCart Migration Module

LitExtension: Magento to OpenCart Migration Module
LitExtension: Magento to OpenCart Migration Module is the optimal solution that helps you migrate your store from Magento to OpenCart automatically, accurately and securely. With just a few clicks, you can transfer all of your important data including products, customers, orders and other related entities.

During and after the migration to OpenCart, we ensure no downtime on your current store, no data lost and a dedicated support!

3 simple steps to import data from Magento to OpenCart

No technical or coding skill needed - all of your data will be transferred to OpenCart only with a few clicks:

1. Download LitExtension: Magento to OpenCart Migration Module and fill in your store information
2. Select the entities you want to transfer from Magento to OpenCart
3. Run a Free Demo migration (optionally) or perform your Full Migration immediately

Transfer all your data from Magento to OpenCart with LitExtension

  • Products: Name, SKU, Full Description, Status, Manufacturer, Tax Class Product ID, Price, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Attributes, Custom Options, Downloadable Products, Additional Images, Stock Availability.
  • Customers: First Name, Last Name, Email, Customer Group, Newsletter, Telephone, Address
  • Orders: ID, Order Date, Order Status, Order Products, Product Price, Quantity, SubTotal Price, Discount Price, Tax Price, Total Price, Order Comments Shipping Price Order Status History, Customer Name, Email, Billing Address, Shipping Address.
  • Manufacturers: Name, Image
  • Coupons: Name, Coupon Code, Coupon Date, Coupon Expire Date
  • Reviews: Created Date, Status, Rate, User Name, Product, Comment
  • Taxes: Tax Class: (Name, Tax rate), Tax Rates: (Country, Percent, Tax name, Type)
  • CMS Pages: Title, Created Date, URL, Description
  • Multiple languages: Yes
  • Custom fields: Yes

Advanced additional options to enhance your data import functionality

  • Clear Data On OpenCart Store Before Migration
  • Preserve, Customer, Order IDs on OpenCart store Store
  • Create 301 Redirects on OpenCart Store
  • Migrate Customers Password
  • Create Product Variants Based on Combinations of Options
  • Migrate Product and Category SEO URLs
  • Strip HTML from Category, Product Names
  • Migrate Images from Products, Categories, and Blog Post Description
  • Change Products Quantity on Target Store
  • Migrate Additional Images
  • Preserve Product Image URLs
  • Migrate Short and Full Descriptions
  • Migrate Product SKUs

#1 Shopping Cart Migration Module

Guarantee your sales performance
  • 100% Uptime: Magento to OpenCart module ensures that your current store will operate normally during the data transfer process to receive new customers and orders. Hence, there will be no sales disruption!
  • Preserve SEO ranking: LitExtension keeps your URLs ranking on Search Engines, which ensure your store’s SEO performance and a seamless customer experience.
  • Free & Unlimited Updating Data: You can easily import products, import customers, and import orders... that recently appeared in your Magento store during and after the migration.

Migrate data effectively
With the most advanced shopping cart migration solution, we ensure the highest level of accuracy and time-efficiency for your re-platforming projects. All of your important data will be completely migrated to the new OpenCart store.

24/7 professional support
Our experts have more than 10 years of experience in the eCommerce industry with 150,000+ successful migrations for 50,000+ customers worldwide. We are confident to help you resolve all issues before, during or after the migration process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We provide 24/7 dedicated support via various channels including live chat, email, phone and Skype.

Highest level of data security
LitExtension has a set of practices, technologies, and policies in place to ensure your data security and accuracy.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: We do not keep your credentials or import records after the migration. Your data is guaranteed not to be disclosed or used for any other purposes rather than the migration.
  • Data Access Restriction: Only authorized LitExtension experts can access the source code to handle custom migration requests.
  • Payment Security: Your payment is processed by PayPal - the #1 worldwide payment gateway. Hence, LitExtension does not store any payment data.


LitExtension: Magento to OpenCart Migration Module is FREE TO INSTALL, and offers 2 migration solutions:

Unlimited free demo
Magento to OpenCart extension allows you to import 20 of each entity including products, customers, orders… You can try our free demo migration to preview how the process is like with LitExtension.

Full migration
The pricing is calculated based on the number of entities and additional options you select. You can pre-check pricing using our Pricing Calculator.

30-day money back guarantee
To provide confidence in our services and their value to you, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Review

If you are still considering, you can listen to others sharing about their journey with LitExtension on Trustpilot. We're proud to have delivered 150,000+ successful migrations with 98% customer satisfaction.

What customers say about LitExtension: Magento to OpenCart Migration Module

PERFECT!!! I used their service 2 years ago and this time I confidently come back to it. Still flawless and error-free. Jenny helped me a lot during the transfer process. Big thanks to the team for saving my time.
Jean Paul
I was extremely happy with the work that Litextension provided for me. Their solution for data transfer is great. Highly recommend
~Jean Paul
I used LitExtension to migrate Magento to OpenCart and the purchase was worth every penny. At first so I run a free version available here to make sure it will work fine. And it did. The full migration then managed to move thousands of entities exactly to my new OpenCart store and I was blown away by its speed. Big thanks to the team for saving my time!

  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • Documentation Included


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