Add Customized total shipping and payment from admin side order

Add Customized total shipping and payment from admin side order

Many times store admin needs to add extra charges for the order but can't add this to opencart default modules.
This extension helps you to add customized charges with custom text to your order from the admin side.
Not just charges, but you can also add custom shipping and payment methods for orders.

It can also add tax class to custom shipping directly on the order edit / add page.

- You can set unlimited custom charges for orders.
- Supports multi-language. So orders in a different language can have their own custom charges text.
- All things are controlled by admin like texts and amount.
- You can set default text and amount. So, it is always ready for you while you make / edit orders.
- If you want to remove the custom total from orders just remove its name. A very handy tool.
- By default when you make orders you can only select limited shipping and payment options.
- But with this extension, you can create your own shipping text and shipping amount while making orders.
- Feature to add tax classes to custom created shipping method.
- Also, you can create your own payment text and shipping amount while making orders.
- Once you add custom shipping or payment methods, then you don't need to select an opencart shipping or the payment method.
- If you want to use opencart payment and shipping you can still use it just by clicking the Apply button.
- No core files are changed.


Username: demo
password: demo

Create test order in admin to see custom total

Video Tutorial :

-You can also edit existing order for the testing purpose.

How to try demo
1) Go to the link above and you should reach sales orders page in admin.
2) Click add or edit on any order and continue till step 5: Totals
3) Check new block "Add custom total, shipping, and payment".
4) Just add your own custom text and amount in custom total and click save.
5) Similarly, you can add customized shipping and payment method.
6) No need to select default opencart shipping or payment if you have added it in your custom shipping/payment.


Core file changed: NO
Support custom themes: YES

Installation Guide
- Check install.txt file in zip.
- No core file changed.
- Free installation available.
- For free installation create a extension help ticket : here

Support Ticket
Create a support ticket for further assistance:
Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

Help / Contact us
For any kind of further queries regarding purchase ,customization,etc :

What customers say about Add Customized total shipping and payment from admin side order

This extension works out of the box with heavy modified OC store with a lot of other extensions, without errors and any problems for now. It does job perfectly and I can just recommend it. Thank you P.S. Only think I wish is it would be easier to find it here in OC marketplace.


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