Featured Coupons - Promote Your Business with Coupons and Sales

Featured Coupons - Promote Your Business with Coupons and Sales

NEW! OpenCart Featured Coupons Module

Promote Your Business with Coupons and Sales

Featured Coupons Module is the perfect fit to increase sales for your OpenCart store by making your coupon or sale offers more attractive and generating interest in those who visit the store. With this extension, making visually-exciting featured coupon or sale offers is practically effortless. Just imagine the coupons or sales you will make when customers see them like: "Save 15% Off Your Next Purchase!" and "Up To 50% Off Sale Items!".

Feature Highlights:

Extension Features List:
Featured Coupons Module includes a number of features and benefits, perfect for your online store. Using this OpenCart module, you can efficiently:

  • Create an unlimited number of featured coupon/sale offers on any layout and any supported position
  • Create not only online coupons, but also in-store coupons (printable coupons)
  • Show coupon/sale offers in either a fixed or random order
  • Choose from two ways to show discount labels: Ribbon style or sticky-note style
  • Add your own images for each coupon/sale offer
  • Customize a title for every coupon/sale offer
  • Add custom text to any call-to-action button
  • Add a link to a call-to-action button instead of opening a pop-up
  • Promote your coupon/sale offers using social media
  • Track how each campaign leads to sales using the core Marketing Tracking functionality
  • Disable coupon code when needed
  • Select stores where a module can be inserted. Supports multistore setups
  • Select customer groups (plus guest users) that can view featured coupon/sale offers
  • Select categories to show/hide featured coupon/sale offers
  • Create as many custom .twig/.tpl files as needed
  • Load internal/external CSS and JavaScript(JS) files
  • Pass optional parameters to template (.twig/.tpl) files
  • Create your own language files by copying and translating the original ones. Defaults to English (en-gb/english)
  • Make a fully responsive/mobile-friendly module including pop-ups
  • Choose your favorite animation effect out of many available ones to stylize pop-ups
  • Set a maximum width and height to a pop-up
  • Customize a slider in many ways: Auto play (on/off), slide interval, image width and height

A picture's worth a thousand words! TRY DEMO BELOW!

Live Demo:
Try out the demo at:

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If you require any further information or you need any support for the product, send a request at:

Notes: This product requires a license key which you can obtain at our website (sign-up required). The license key is freely switchable among your environments: development (local), testing (staging) and production (live). If your license is already expired and you choose not to renew your license, you can still use the product on your OpenCart installation.

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