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The First Professional Opencart Extension For Google Universal + GA4 Enhanced eCommerce Tracking eCommerce. Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023. Prepare now by setting up and switching over to a Google Analytics 4 property

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• The First Professional Opencart Extension For Google Universal + GA4 Enhanced eCommerce Tracking eCommerce
• Opencart Order Conversion Tracking Using "Purchase" Events
• Track Page Views, Product Clicks, Product Detail View, Product Performance, Related Product List Performance, Product Search
• Checkout Begin, Checkout Progress, Checkout Funnel Steps, Order Confirm
• Ecommerce Data : Opencart Order Id, Order Amount, Ordered Quantity, Shipping Amount, Tax Amount, Order Coupon Code, Ordered Products With Product Name, Sku, Product Price, Quantity, Product Category, Product Brand
• Shopping Behavior, Product Performance, Sales Performance, Product List Performance
• Funnel Visualization, Goal Tracking, Measuring Checkout Process, Measuring An Addition Or Removal From Cart, Measuring Transaction
• Shopping and purchasing behavior
• Economic performance
• Merchandising success
• Product Attribution
• Getting Ecommerce data from your site to Analytics

Enhanced Events
• login - user has logged in
• sign_up - user has signed up for an account
• add_to_cart - an item was added to a cart for purchase
• add_to_wishlist - an item was added to a wishlist
• refund - user submit refund form
• view_item - some content was shown to the user. Product views and interactions
• view_item_list - event when a user is shown a list of items, Like related products
• search - help you identify the most popular content in your app
• view_cart - user view shopping cart page
• checkout_progress - To measure each subsequent checkout step
• set_checkout_option - To measure a checkout option (i.e. selected payment method)
• begin_checkout - user has begun a checkout
• purchase - Order Confirmed. user has finished the purchase and lands on "Thank You" Or "Success" page

Product Impression Data
• affiliation - store name (Multi store support)
• id - SKU or product id
• name - product name or title
• quantity - product ordered quantity
• price - product price (if special/discount then special/discount price else actual price)
• discount - difference amount between price and special price
• currency - the currency, in 3-letter ISO format
• brand - the brand name / manufacturer name
• category - the product category name
• search_term - the search keyword (for search event)

Purchase Event Action Data
• transaction_id - opencart order id (for purchase event)
• value - order final amount (for purchase event)
• shipping - order shipping amount (for purchase event)
• tax - order tax amount (for purchase event)
• items - ordered products
• coupon - order coupon code
• checkout_step - representing a step in the checkout process
• checkout_option - Checkout option (i.e. selected payment method)

More About Extension
• Setup by multi store
• Support multiple currencies
• Support any theme, quick checkout, payment extensions
• Support all major themes like Journal2, Journal3, Pavo, Foster
• Support Quick Checkout, Journal Theme Checkout, One Page Checkout
• Support opencart version 1.5.X + 2.X + 3.X + 4.X
• Free installation and free support
• No hidden/extra cost
• All files are newer in extension
• Note : extension license valid for single domain only (except multi store)


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Thank you
Like many, my experience with Opencart Tools has been great. Highly recommend.
I don't imagine an opencart site without this plugin.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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