Despatch Cloud Multichannel Order & Stock Management

Despatch Cloud Multichannel Order & Stock Management
Software that streamlines and automates your entire eCommerce operation, providing you with all of the tools necessary to grow your business. Automatically updates all your sales channels so you can never oversell.

eCommerce Order Management Software

Despatch Cloud’s state-of-the-art system connects to all popular sales channels including eBay, Amazon, Shopify and more. However, where we save you some real time and fuss is having all your orders automatically syncing to our system every 30 minutes. Whether you are selling a t-shirt on eBay or electronics on Amazon, you don’t need to worry as they will appear like magic allowing you to filter by channel and destination, putting you in control.

Inventory Control

Utilising the latest and greatest features that are all tested in a live warehouse before deployment gives you the cutting edge when it comes to controlling your inventory. With a range of features and advanced functionality available, we have you covered on everything you could possibly need to manage your stock.

Ultimate Warehouse Control
A modern warehouse needs a modern approach and at Despatch Cloud, we control all functions of the warehouse with our Android application compatible with approved devices. The Despatch Cloud App allows you to get stuff done in real-time when you are standing in the warehouse and all you need is at your fingertips.

Full Data Reporting
Make informed decisions about your business with our suite of reporting to analyse your historical order history, forecast required stock and even receive suggested purchase orders using the data we collect. Despatch Cloud loves data and we have data points everywhere, if we record it we can report on it.

All the Sales Channel & Marketplace Integrations You Need...

We integrate with all of the popular marketplaces and sales channels as you would expect and constantly update all our integrations so you will never miss a beat.

One Hub to Rule Them All

View all of your pending orders in one convenient hub, navigate and sort all of your orders from all of your sales channels with advanced filters and shipping rules to know exactly where your orders should be heading and what courier service it should use.

Assign rules to your account to let Despatch Cloud determine what courier service should be used based on the attributes of your orders.

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