Multivendor Stock/Price Updater

Multivendor Stock/Price Updater
The price and stock updates are always a headache, especially in case you have multiple suppliers. This extension allows saving a template for each supplier with his own style and when importing just to select the supplier and to load the new file. You do not have to change anything in the template of that supplier until he changes something in the structure.

- Supplier X sends the stocks in Excel format, on 7 columns, but you need only the stock and the price for each entry. You create a template, then you match the columns and the next time you only upload the file and everything goes smoothly.
- Supplier Y has a daily CSV on a URL provided for you. He has 20 columns. You match only stock, price and the columns that you need and you create a template based on the URL. After-wards you just insert into the cron with unique URL and the update goes automatically on a daily basis without your intervention.

- Suport for Excel (XLS, XLSX) and CSV files, soon XML as well.
- Saving of unlimited templates
- Stock update with stock 0 reset
- Stock 0 reset for products with different statuses
- Commission (percentage) adding prossibility for the import price
- Possibility to run the update for URL from CRON job

PS: Will not overwrite any OC files. It will be installed in a directory, external OC tool.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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27 Aug 2016

4 Aug 2016
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