Attribute Presets | Pre defined attribute values | Opencart

Attribute Presets |  Pre defined attribute values | Opencart
About This Extension:

This Plugin will help you manage data entry with no manual mistakes / errors.
You can create a set of possible values for each attribute . Then during data entry of attributes in product form , you can select any one value from the select menu of all possible values you added .

This helps reduce errors in products specs entered.

Also it will increase the speed of data entry as you don't have to type / enter specs every time.

All you can do is select one value from existing possible values shown for each attribute in product form.

You can delete / add / edit presets for any attribute by going to attribute edit form.

Demo: Click for the real experience of the Extension
User/Pass: demo/demo

This plugin has been tested on versions of opencart like opencart 2.3 x , Opencart 2.2 x Opencart 2.1x Opencart 2.0 x and Opencart 3 versions.

We will provide you free of cost support and assistance in case of any issue.
Currently this plugin is for single language , multi language version is coming soon.

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