Admin Key - Secure your admin access

Admin Key - Secure your admin access

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Admin Key is a simple and most reliable protection for opencart admin from hackers and intruders

This is a simple demo to explain how this extension works!

Try to access this protected Admin URL »
You can't access login page in above URL. Any one trying to access your admin login will only see 404 page

Now try the same url which has secret key appended in it »
You can see login page only when this secret key is known and is given in the url

Protect your Opencart admin by disabling direct login URL access. A user defined or a random key is added to login URL to make the URL impossible to guess. Admin login URL will be changed to something like

» Protects admin login page from hackers and unauthorized access
» No need to rename admin folder and make changes in all vqmod extensions
» Keep changing the passcode without affecting your other extensions for better security
» 404 page will be displayed to all visitors who tries to access admin
» Does not conflict with any other extensions

New features are added

Added additional protection from direct POST to the login URL.
To prevent brute force attacks, 404 error page is displayed when try to login with incorrect credentials
Shows 404 error page with proper 404 status code

What customers say about Admin Key - Secure your admin access

bad extension, remove that from
Great extension and quick support. I strongly recommend it.
Simply awesome extension the easiest extension to install ever and simple to use


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