AMP for Product Pages

AMP for Product Pages
Accelerated Mobile Pages for Opencart Product Pages.
Thus, we can conclude that the search engine experts still do not exclude the possibility of using a new format as a next ranking factors.

This help you better SEO.

Only new files, will not overwrite yours.

PRO Version with customizations now available:

Added SEO PRO support (link)

VQMOD is needed or you can manual install.

All comments are welcome

For validation info you may use this Chrome Plugin:

version 1.0.10.f (27-11-2017) -
- text_related undefined fix

version 1.0.10.c (14-11-2017) -
- meta_title undefined fix

version 1.0.10.b (29-03-2017) - only ocstore 1.5
- ocStore support added

version 1.0.10 (08-02-2017)
- price meta fixed
- version 2.1 updated
- version 2.1 seo url support

version 1.0.9 (06-02-2017)
- seo url fix for products with "amp" in url

version 1.0.8 (17-01-2017)
- seo url support added
- opencart support added

version 1.0.7 (15-11-2016)
- bugs fixed

version 1.0.6 (14-11-2016)
- OC 2.3 support

version 1.0.5b (08-09-2016)
- fixed Description
- added reviewCount
- removed Organization tag

version 1.0.4
-removing inline css in description added

version 1.0.3
-removed polygon style to css

version 1.0.2
-breadcrumbs fixed

version 1.0.1
- product rating added
- related products in 2 columns

What is an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)?

Basically Accelerated Mobile Page (or AMP) is a project from Google and Twitter to design fast loading mobile pages. Fundamentally, these are stripped-down form of HTML page designed to be super light weighted and really fast loading.

How it works?

The Project relies on AMP HTML, a layered structure whichis basically HTML but not any HTML. It is designed in a unique way for pages to load faster than usual. Giving us a sense of what fast loaded webpages will look like. Some tags are banned and some new tags are introduced in their place. AMP HTML is designed by just keeping mobile performance in mind.

Impact of AMP in SERP

We all are aware that mobile friendliness is a factor considered in Google search rankings. We’ve known that sites which pass the Google mobile-friendly test appear higher on the on the search results and the sites which tagged are unfriendly or which do not pass the Google’s mobile friendly test are pushed down to the second or third page.
So it is clear that Mobile Pages, which are specifically designed to load quickly and provide a great user experience on mobile, would get a serious search ranking boost. We can also see from Google search results that AMP sites are highlighted with a little green lightning-bolt, inviting users in to
experience these lightning-fast mobile pages. And, fater loading will lead to more pageviews and more ad views.

What customers say about AMP for Product Pages

Excellent and very helpful extension

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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