Opencart Multi Seller Marketplace Seller Coupons

Opencart Multi Seller Marketplace Seller Coupons
Opencart Marketplace Seller Coupons allows the seller to generate coupons for their products. Admin can also manage the seller’s coupons. The buyer can use the coupon and take advantage of the discount.

Use Case -
Coupons can be a powerful incentive to attract new customers to your ecommerce site. Offering a discount on a customer's purchase can encourage them to try out your products or services, especially if they were hesitant before.
Coupons can stimulate sales by providing a financial incentive for customers to make a purchase. Limited-time or exclusive discounts can create a sense of urgency and prompt customers to buy now rather than later.

Now, this extension helps to generate coupons for customers to take advantage of discounts. The admin and seller can both generate coupons for the customers to use.

It also allows to send coupons by email to customers along with generating multiple or single coupon codes. The seller or admin can set how many times a coupon can be used and the number of times a customer can use a particular coupon.

Also, if you want to create coupons from the backend and provide those coupons to the customers at the checkout time then check OpenCart Coupon List at Checkout module.


1. This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
2. Opencart Marketplace Seller Coupons module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Allows the seller to generate coupons for their products.
The seller can generate single or multiple coupon codes at a time.
The length of the coupon code can be set by the admin and seller.
The seller can set how many times a coupon can be used.
The seller can set how many times a customer can use the coupon.
The seller can email the coupons to the customers.
The seller can check the coupon history.
Buyer can use coupon discount.
Admin can also manage the seller’s coupons.
Buyer can receive a coupon mail with coupon details.
Admin can select the customers for sending coupon code.


Initially, the admin will configure the initial settings for the module. Here, the admin can enable the functionality.

The sellers get the option to create the coupons under their account panel, where they can edit or delete them as well.

If the seller will select the generate coupon code as multiple then multiple codes will be generated.

Coupons can also be emailed to the customers so that they can take the advantage of the discounts.

Customer(s) can apply the coupon code on a product page on the checkout page.

After placing an order, a customer can see the discount coupon and amount in the order information.

The admin can also generate coupons’. They can add, edit or delete them.

The admin can create a new coupon with the options provided. From here they can generate the coupon for a particular seller’s product or admin’s product.

The history of the coupon can also be viewed by the admin as to how many times a coupon has been used.

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