Offline Credit Cards Payments

Offline Credit Cards Payments!
This is a payment method for collecting credit card information for manually processing of an order at your own physical terminals or virtual terminals. Presents a basic credit card form at checkout and validates card. Credit card details are encrypted In Database and also sent to admin in email.

What does it do?
Support for collecting customer credit card information so it can be manually processed offline. No bank processing is done with the card data. The card data is simply saved to the order by way of the database,
It is assumed that you have a physical or virtual terminal offsite that you use to process credit cards on your own.

Built-in encryption.
No core modifications.
Encrypts card number with custom hash key before saving to database.
Ajax error validations without page reload. o Uses custom error handler on the checkout/confirm page to show any card errors.
Configurable Credit Card types. o Works with any currency.
Compatible with Opencart

Dealing with customer credit card information is very sensitive and risky. The user of this module is solely liable for what happens to the data from end to end. It also may be illegal in some countries to store certain bits of information in a database, or transmit via email, even though the option to do so might exist. The author takes no responsibility for any legal misuse or mishandling of sensitive information.

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