Buy More Get More

Buy More Get More

A clever and efficient tool for upselling!
"Buy More, Get More" is a powerful strategy that aligns the interests of both customers and e-commerce store owners. By creating a compelling incentive for larger purchases, this approach contributes to increased customer satisfaction.
+ Tiered freebies:
As they add more items to their cart, the percentage of freebies increases, providing a compelling incentive for larger purchases.
+ Bundled Packages:
Create bundled packages that offer a better deal when customers purchase a combination of products. This not only encourages customers to buy more but also helps you move specific inventory effectively.
+ Incentive to Explore Products:
Encourage customers to explore your product range by providing incentives for larger orders. This not only exposes them to a variety of offerings but also increases the likelihood of discovering products they might not have considered.* Featured setup:
☆ Featured setup:
Customers buy X number of products, and get Y products free. All of the calculations are done by the module-no worries about tricky equations!
    • Easy table to set rules
    • Set one or more related products as gift
    • Assign to any page in layout
    • Customers simply place product in basket; module informs them of free gift(s)

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