Prices by Customer Groups

Prices by Customer Groups

With this extension you can set the price of a product for each Customer Group. In the product List you can easily price your product(s) for every Customer Group - easy inline editing!
2016-11-10 updated - fixed issue with correct price not showing in category view and added support for oc_2302

Product iPhone
Default group price: 100,-
Wholesale group price: 80,-
Friends group price: 90,-

Different prices will also be shown in default Opencart modules:
- Compare
- Wishlist
- Search
- Bestseller
- Featured
- Latest

If you use other modules, they will show the original price. If you are looking to get them compatible with this extension, please send an email and I'll see what I can do!

VQmod is needed for this extension

Make sure, before you start, you already have created (some) customer groups!!!!!

1. look in the folder with the same version name of the Opencart version you are using on your website.
2. Inside this folder you see a folder named "upload" --> copy everything inside to your server. So copy the folder "vqmod" to the root of your server. NO FILES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN!
3. Login to your admin and go to CATALOG --> PRODUCTS --> a needed database record will be added to make this extension to work (you won't see anything happening!).
4. When done go to SYSTEM --> SETTINGS --> EDIT (Your Store) --> TAB OPTION
5. Set "Enable this extension" to "YES" -> "Show customer group prices in Admin product list" to "YES and "Update all product prices" also to "YES". Once done hit SAVE.
6. Now go back to CATALOG --> PRODUCTS --> and see the new column "Customer Group Prices". Click (on a particular product) Customer Group Prices row and see how easy it is to change the Customer Group Prices assigned to the Product!
7. IMPORTANT!!!!!! In order to finish, go back to SYSTEM --> SETTINGS --> EDIT (Your Store) --> TAB OPTION and set "Update all product prices" to "NO". Once done hit Save!
8. IMPORTANT!!!!!! Whenever you want to reset all prices in the future the "normal price" (= price you have entered without having this extension) just say "YES" to "Update all product prices" --> visit CATALOG --> PRODUCTS --> and go back to SYSTEM --> SETTINGS --> EDIT (Your Store) --> TAB OPTION and set "Update all product prices" to "NO" again. Now all prices are reset!

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