Customer Group Total Discount

Customer Group Total Discount

With this extension you can give each Customer Group a discount in their cart. The Discount can be a Fixed amount or a Percentage and is dependent on the price range you have set. You can create as many price ranges you have set for each customer group.

Make sure, before you start, you already have created (some) customer groups!!!!!

1. look in the folder with the same version name of the Opencart version you are using on your website.
2. Inside this folder you see a folder named "upload" --> copy everything inside to your server. So copy the folders "admin" and "catalog" to the root of your server. NO FILES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN PNLY NEW FILES WILL BE ADDED!
3. Login to your admin and go to SYSTEM --> USERS --> USERGROUPS and choose the usergroup you would like to give access and modify rights to this extension. Example: Click "EDIT" on "ADMINISTRATOR"
4. Now use the "select all" for both "access" and "modify" or look in both for "total/cg_total_discount" and check these.
5. Go to EXTENSIONS --> ORDER TOTALS and click on the install button for "Customer Group Total Discount" --> Click the edit button for "Customer Group Total Discount"
6. First set the sort oder of this extension in which it will appear in the totals of the cart. "3" is often a good number but depends on the rest of your Totals extensions.
7. For each customer Group (tab) you can add Title, price range, discount and discount type by clicking on the blue "plus-sign". Add as many as you like for each group and make sure to set the "Status" for each Customer Group to "Enabled".

Example price range setup:
title Order Total From Order Total To Discount Discount Type Tax class
Friends 15% 100 200 15 Percentage --- None ---
Friends 18% 200.01 300 18 Percentage --- None ---

Always make sure you use the .01 on the next row if create Price Ranges where Order Totals follow up on each other (200 - and next row = 200.01)

If the cart total is NOT in a Order Total Range, No Discount will be shown!!!

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