Advanced Event Scheduler

Advanced Event Scheduler
This is one of the most advanced event scheduler available for Opencart. It leverages all that makes Opencart such a fantastic platform to deliver a truly ground-breaking and feature-complete extension. The design philosophy which underpins the scheduler is to leverage as much of the core Opencart platform to ensure that all the features that the platform offers are available and usable in the context of the event scheduling/ticketing use-case.

The plugin has been built using VQMOD. Currently only English is supported as a language, if you are able to assist with translations please let me know so that I can provide you with the requisite VQMOD files to perform the translation.

At its heart the extension treats a product as an event, and a manufacturer as an instructor. Some of the important features:
  • Products are events
  • Manufacturers are instructors
  • Events have options which define what data is required for a booking, e.g. Timeslots, Attendee First Name, Attendee Last Name etc.
  • Bulk management of event roster is supported (through upload/download of excel-based templates)
  • Ticket redemption is supported through QR-Codes.

This plugin has been successfully used in a number of different use cases:
  • To run a health care conference, with attendee bookings
  • To manage internal company training courses
  • To manage demo and open days in the retail power tool space.

Demo site is available at

Supported OpenCart Versions

  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart

While the intention is to port the extension to all versions of OpenCart (2 and greater), this will be done as required. If you are interested, please let me know which version you would like me to port it to next.


  • - Initial version
  • - Added support for OpenCart and OcMod.

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