Affiliate Sales and Gift by Sharing

Affiliate Sales and Gift by Sharing
Affiliate Sales and Gift by Sharing

Choose correct way to boost your sale!!!

Reaching out to as many people as you can is probably the single most important factor that’ll determine the success of your referral program.

The more people that know about your referral program, the more likely you are to get new referral customers and referral sales:
- Let as many people know about your referral program as possible with our Boost Sale by referral and gift module!!
- Allow new visitors who haven’t bought from your store to refer their friends too
- Use two-sided incentives rather than single-sided incentives
- Accumulate rewards for referrer for each purchase from refered friends
- Can easily edit the conditions of your Referral Reward clearly

- Allow you to boost incentive to buy of your customer for each combination of product.

Main Features:
- Create a combination of product in form of a gift for a specific product discount on an specific product after buyer share on their facebook
- Create special discount for new customer about that specific product,that enter site through a share link.
- Create an affiliate system with Accumulate point or $ for specific user that share your site product.

1. Unzip the zip file.
2. In the unzipped folder named "sk_bsns_oc2.3", upload all sub-folders into root directory of your Opencart source web.
3. Install module “Affiliate Sales and Gift by Sharing” in Opencart follow: Admin > Extensions > Extensions > Choose the extension type: Order Totals > “Affiliate Sales and Gift by Sharing” field > click "Install" button.
- DONE!!!

Still don't sure how it look? Take a look at our demo site
- Website demo:
- Admin page:
- User & pass of Admin: sandklock / sandklockdemo123
- Email & pass of Customer demo: (or

Recent changes
v1.0: First release

- OpenCart 2.3.0+
- This extension requires VQMod Installed!
Do you have VQMod Installed? Grab it here

For any feature requests, feedback and product customization, please contact us at


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