Quantity Discount Price Bands Manager

Quantity Discount Price Bands Manager
Do you sell quantity based items? That is the items where the customer the more he buys the cheaper he gets per quantity?

Or maybe you sell lots of related products with the same Quantity discounts prices? that is for example Business cards if client buys from 1 to 10 the price is X usd if the client buys 20-30 items then the price is Y usd .

So in order to add these quantity discounts you have manually to go to every single product you are selling and once you edit product, go to DISCOUNT tab and add one by one add discount:) It is a pain and a time killer process to manually add the very same discount tables to every product.

Not to mention what if you made a mistake, or your price for X quantity has changed ? After a month? Yes:) once again The PAIN:) and once again manually re-edit every single product and edit the discounts one by one.

But that is in the past, this extension allows you to create Quantity Discount Price Bands (predefined discount templates) and apply it to similar products.

So once you require to change X quantity to Y price, all you will have to do is modify the Quantity Discount Price Band itself and all products (on the ones you have applied this Price Band table) will change discount tables instantly with a single mouse click.

So No more Manual edit products, no more wasted time checking and changing each product discount table one by one entry.

In simple words you can create unlimited price Band Tables, create and modify them anytime, an once assigned to X product all these discounts instantly will be added to product X and also once you modify the band itself the prices of all product assigned to that band will change instantly.

So If you value your time, and want to focus on money making instead of wasting the time by doing Quantity discounts tables manually in each product, this extension is a must to have for you.


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