3-in-1 USPS Stamps, FedEx, UPS Smart & Flexible

3-in-1 USPS Stamps, FedEx, UPS Smart & Flexible
3-in-1 USPS Stamps, FedEx, UPS Smart & Flexible
is made for your happy packaging
This module covers all USPS, FedEx and UPS cases for e-commerce. By using advanced package management algorithms ensures cost-effective delivery for both you and your customers. Configuration flexibility ensures exact fit for your business needs.
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  • Provides several ways to get rid of 70lbs for USPS and 150lbs for FedEx and UPS service limitation by splitting orders into multiple packages.
  • Uses advanced 3D packing algorithm to achieve cost-effective packaging (or individual packages if necessary).
  • Provides standard USPS, FedEx, UPS packages to choose from plus configurable to use set of custom packages.
  • Uses unique packing algorithm for Envelopes.
  • Labels Printing support. If enabled, generates printable labels for each order for the easiest shipping.
  • USPS: Tries different packing approaches to choose the cheapest rates (for instance, option "Prefer Flat Rates" tries to pack using Flat Rate Boxes in addition to normal packing and makes sure the cheapest rates are shown to the user).
  • Processing days are configurable. Can specify weekends and holidays as non-working days if necessary. Cut-Off Time is also configurable.
  • Packing Lists. For each order packing list is generated and can be seen in Admin panel. In this list you can find required box types and where to put each item.
  • Packing is configurable to include extra gifts and promotional items.
  • Weight, rates and dimensions are adjustable per item.
  • USPS: Automatic "Machinable" calculation to reduce pricing if necessary.
  • Results can be sorted by price or estimated delivery time if necessary.
  • Ability to restrict the extension by geo zone, customer group and store if necessary.
  • Debug mode is configurable to detect and resolve problems.

This module is compatible with OpenCart versions 1.5.4—3.x.x.x and PHP 5.3 and higher.



  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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