Fast edit of products

Fast edit of products
UPDATE (only for Opencart 2.3... versions) - in new version extension has translate file and does not change any native files !
It's free extension for Opencart, it will add opportunity to edit main product properties from the product list page.
The module is installed by OCMODE installer and replace product list view file. That's means after deleting extension, product list will stay changed (only old versions). Therefore you must save reserve copy of this file before installing.
All changes of product saved via AJAX, without refreshing page.

IT'S TESTED ON version ONLY, but it must compatible and with others versions of OPENCART 2 (only old version - it will change original template file, therefore you must make a reserve copy)

If you like this extension please vote for it by clicking at star rating above. Or donate 1 dollar - its more pleasant for me, because I'm earning just 6 dollars per working day
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Russian description of this extesinon you can find on my website: {Russian desciption}

You can learn more about me on my website: {Andrey Derevjanko website}

Instruction to install
After instalated the extension by OCMOD follow the next path System - Users -User Groups and select group with administror permissions. Add permissions for edit_products controller.

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18 Jun 2017

1 Oct 2016
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