AppNotch Easy Web to App

AppNotch Easy Web to App
Upgrade your OpenCart Website Store to a Mobile App in a few easy steps.

Create Amazing Mobile Apps for Google Play that combine your responsive OpenCart web store with powerful AppNotch native app features.

As an OpenCart store developer, you'll now be able to create powerful mobile apps to help your clients:

  • Put Your Store on Your Customer's Phone
  • Make it Easy to do Business
  • Be One Tap Away to Order
  • Keep Their People Engaged
  • Increase Your Site's SEO Ranking
  • Increase Repeat Orders with Your Store App
  • Boost Your Brand - Be in Google Play
  • Send Effective Push Notifications for Specials

Here's how it works:

Simply drop your mobile friendly website URL into the AppNotch extension.
The result is an amazing app with your all the design and functionality of your website as the UI plus a powerful app menu with app features like push notifications, message log, camera, cash register and more.
AppNotch publishes your app in the Google Play public app store for you or you can publish yourself using your certificate.

Your app is synchronized with your website. Anytime you update your website or app menu, your mobile app will be updated in real time with no need to republish to the app stores.

You can try your app for FREE. Preview your app on your phone by simply dropping in your URL into AppNotch. We will send you the link to Preview your app by text or email.


  • Robust Communication: users can call, email, text, and even locate you in a tap!
  • Powerful Push Notifications: Keep your customers engaged with unlimited Geo (location based), categorized, and scheduled push notifications
  • Effective Push Notifications: Send push notifications that include pictures and links
  • Modifiable Features: Add or remove app features as often as desired without having to republish
  • Website Synchronized: Changes to your site are instantly updated in your app
  • Social Integrations: Add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages and more
  • App & Product Sharing: Let your product & app go Viral with app sharing features
  • Google Analytics: See how your users are using your app with an in-depth Google Analytics report
  • Increase Your Site's SEO Ranking
  • Boost Your Brand - Be in the Google Play Store.

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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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