Discount with Special Price

Discount with Special Price
In general, discount means that the price of a given product decreases as a customer buys more of it. In other words, a single piece may cost $20, but if you buy five pieces then each would only cost $18. The more a customer buys, the more they save. The discount option can also be used so that the lower price is applied on a single piece but only for a designated customer group. This is useful as a long-term pricing strategy that gives customers an incentive to buy more of your product or as a way of targeting different markets.

OpenCart does not allow you to use discounts and specials together, but rather gives priority to the special price. If a product has both set up, then the system automatically uses the special. It makes sense, because specials are ideally supposed to run for a few days or weeks during holidays and special events, while discounts are more long-term.

    Product Price = $10
    Special Price = $9
    Discount Price on 10 Units = $8
    Discount Price on 20 Units = $7

But in the default opencart when you use Special Price with Discount Price then opencart consider only Special price.

Special Price is higher priority but using this module you can set Special price with Discount Price.

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