CSV Download Universal

CSV Download Universal
CSV Download Universal 3.0 allows you to download *Order, *Product and *Customer data from your database in a format (Comma Separated Value) suitable for importing into Microsoft Excel, or directly into any commercial package such as Shipping Agencies and Couriers. * Or any other data if required.

Currently comes with Formats for myHermes and DPD. These can be amended for your own use or you can build your own Format. The download can be 100% tailored by you:

  • Choose WHICH fields appear in your download
  • Choose the ORDER that fields will appear in your download
  • Choose the Order PRODUCT that fields will appear in your download
  • Choose double-quotes download or stripped
  • Can be tailored for you to include Multiple product Orders and Related Options
  • FORMAT for Fedex, UPS, DPD, myHermes, TNT, DHL, Yodel, Royal Mail, ANY Shipping Agent or Courier accepting CSV Import of Orders
  • You can also now FTP a text copy from your web server
  • Access Settings Panel direct from your Dashboard Sidebar

  • Option to add a History Record for every Order downloaded for Shipping
  • Set the status automatically (optional)
  • Choose to Notify Customers of change in status

  • NEW - Use 'Select' or 'Filter' to choose Orders

CSV Download comes complete with a SELECT list of popular download fields - add to or remove as many fields as you like. The number of FORMATs is unlimited

Available for Version 3, Version 2.3, Version 2.2, Version 2.1 and Version 2.0 range. If you'd like a specific version, just ask.

Most recent version tailored successfully for use with DPD in Slovenia (with semi-colon separated columns).
MyHermes Format Included
Royal Mail Format Included (2)

Integrates fully with our 'Delivery Instructions' Extension.

Comprehensive Tutorial here

If you want us to build your feed for you - just ask (*Free).

Front end - http://www.poplarweb.co.uk/v2031/
Admin - http://www.poplarweb.co.uk/v2031/admin/
Username: demo
Password: demo

User: demo@poplarweb.co.uk, Password: demo
Note: These demos run on v2.0.3.1 but the functionality is similar on all of our versions.

What customers say about CSV Download Universal

Great support from the developer. Highly recommend this module.
Excellent support and communication. The developer customised the module to allow for downloads of multiple product option SKUs for each order that were generated by a third party extension. (Related Options Pro). This enabled me to create a custom CSV file for my fulfilment warehouse with SKUs for picking and address details for dispatch. Thank you.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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