Save Shopping Cart : Pay Later

Save Shopping Cart : Pay Later

Save shopping cart is an opencart extension which adds an extra feature for customers to save the cart.
They can save any number of carts and check back them anytime.
Even admin can check the saved cart list inside admin panel.

The customer has the option to edit the products in save cart and then make the order.
Once they want to make a purchase, they only need to click 'Place order' button.
More control options are also available in saved cart. Please check the demo.

Latest Update
- Added fix for pagination on the 3.x version.
- Delete function fixed for empty saved carts.

- Feature to create and save multiple carts.
- Option to save cart from the shopping cart and checkout page.
- Links on my account page for checking view saved cart.
- Feature to edit saved cart in future.
- Feature to remove products from the cart in future.
- Feature to enable the extension for selected customer group only or for all users.
- Email sent to admin and customer on new save cart creation.
- Place order button in save cart to make an order instantly.
- Feature to add a name to saved cart for easy tracking.
- Admin can view all saved cart in the admin panel.
- Added module for the saved cart, so you can place at any location of your choice.
- Example: Homepage, shopping cart page, checkout page, etc
- When a customer has some product in the actual cart then they have an option for them to merge it, save it or delete it.- So no products are lost from the cart.
- Works with all themes.

Video Tutorial:


Username :demo
Password : demo

Admin settings page

Admin saved cart list page

How to use on front end

1) Visit Store Front
2) Add any product to cart.
3) Visit shopping cart page.
4) Click on "Save Cart" button.
5) You can click the login button. We have already added test account details in input fields.
6) Your cart will be saved automatically and you should see a success message.
7) The save cart button is also added to the checkout page.


1) Customer visits your store.
2) Adds to cart one or more products.
3) Now comes on shopping cart/checkout page.
4) For certain reason, they are not able to check out currently or just want to save current cart.
5) They can just click Save Cart and it's done.
6) On My Account page, they can see their saved cart and place order anytime.
7) They can edit, remove products in future.
8) Admin has the option to view all saved cart on admin panel.

Installation Guide
- Check install.txt file in zip.
- No core file changed.
- One time free installation available.
- For free installation create a extension help ticket : here

Create a support ticket for further assistance:
Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

Help / Contact us
For any kind of further queries regarding purchase ,customization,etc :


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