Order Status Color

Order Status Color

Order Status Color extension is gives you the ability to assign color against each order status present in admin. So you can easily identify your orders just by see them. You do not need to read weather order is complete, canceled, voided, etc. Because you give them color and it is helpful to you quickly identify order status. This extension is useful when you know your completed orders are green, pending orders are red. It is let you away from reading status of order, just see order from list and you come to know what status of the order is.
You can decide where you want to use Order Status Color:
1. Drop-down – Administrator
2. Lists – Administrator
3. Checkbox – Administrator
4. List - Store Front

1. Simple to use
2. Set background color of all order status
3. Set text color of all order status
4. Does not overwrite any core file
5. Easily configurable from admin
6. Best Practice of OpenCart Code Standard
7. Tested Compatibility with OpenCart 2.x versions
8. This extension is VQMOD compatible.
9. Quick & Reliable Supported

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23 Nov 2020

7 Oct 2016
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