Fondy — OpenCart Payment Gateway

Fondy — OpenCart Payment Gateway
The OpenCart plugin allows you to integrate the payment acceptance service on the payment page of your web resource. Installing and activating the module will allow businesses to conveniently, quickly and safely receive money for goods/services, and customers to pay for orders with a variety of payment methods.

The OpenCart payment gateway replaces the team of programmers, allowing you to integrate the Internet acquiring service in one click. After connecting the payment gateway, your users will be able to pay for purchases with bank cards, online banking, and e-wallets. Having the ability to quickly pay with a convenient payment method will increase customer loyalty, increase the average check and business turnover.

More than 8,000 entrepreneurs around the world have connected to the Fondy payment gateway: from small niche sites to the largest online stores and international companies with millions of turnover. One of our latest projects, FondyGlobe, allowed us to bring our business to the international market.

Our payment platform works with merchants in 33 countries. Business owners can arrange to accept payments in 100+ currencies, including the US dollar, euro, and pound sterling. We work with EU and Eastern European banking organizations to ensure that transactions are processed as quickly as possible.

Why people choose Fondy Internet acquiring service
  • support of one-time and regular payments;
  • conversion of successful transactions up to 98% by processing cards simultaneously through 25 acquiring banks and
  • processing centers in 30 countries;
  • accepting payments in 100 currencies via credit cards, local payment systems, and online banks;
  • freeze money on the customer's account for up to 25 days with the possibility of further debiting or returning it in one click;
  • saving bank card details with their automatic entry when re-entering;
  • high security: two-factor authentication, COMODO encryption standard, own fraud detection system - Fondy Antifraud;
  • app for iOS and Android mobile devices;
  • styling of the payment page to the design of the service or online store;
  • possibility to analyze each payment and generate full reports in your account.

What payment methods does Fondy support
  • Bank cards: VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover Card, and others;
  • Alternative payment methods: Trustpay, SEPA, Multibanco, Skrill and others;
  • Online banking in 26 countries.

Advantages of Fondy
Fast and convenient connection
The OpenCart payment gateway is the easiest way to connect an online acquiring service to an online store. You will need to complete a simple registration, fill out financial details to receive funds from customers, upload documents to your account, and wait for the end of the express audit of the web resource.

It will take from 1 hour to 2 days to connect the payment gateway. Payment acceptance is usually activated during the day. After that, you will need to add and activate the OpenCart plugin. If you have groups in social networks or a database of email-subscribers, then you can use online invoicing: fill out the invoice, send a link to the customer where he enters payment data and pays for the order.

High security
The payment platform is hosted in a cloud service that meets security standards. The system is protected from DDoS attacks and interference with data and equipment by third parties and organizations. Supports PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

The company has developed its anti-fraud system that uses 300 rules and algorithms, allowing entrepreneurs to customize it to any business specifics. It rejects fraudsters' transactions, keeping the conversion rate of successful payments. In 95% of cases, the payment delay is less than 0.3 seconds.

Convenience for the customers
After connecting the Opencart payment gateway from Fondy, you can activate the automatic filling of payment data. The client only needs to enter the bank card details once, and the platform will save them in an encrypted form.
In the future, the information is entered automatically, you only need to confirm the payment with one click. This will reduce the number of abandoned carts since the buyer will not have to search for a bank card or remember the CVV Number.

For regular customers, you can provide the service of automatic withdrawal of funds. While using the payment calendar, you need to specify the frequency of debiting (one or more times a week/month/year). The money will be debited from the user's bank card (account), which will save them from routine actions.

Full control over payment acceptance
Adding and activating the Opencart payment module opens access to the holding mechanism - blocking of funds on the buyer's account for a certain time. For example, a person paid for an order, but the product is no longer in stock. You just need to make one click, and then the money will be returned to the client.

The holding mechanism in the Opencart module allows you to block funds without technical knowledge. This feature will be especially useful for online stores, car rental services, delivery services, and other businesses of any scale.

Manage payments using your smartphone
Fondy users have a personal mobile account that allows them to monitor the state of their business on any device, regardless of the time of day or location. It allows you to quickly view conversions, data on specific payments, or all the analytics at once.

You need to register, connect the Opencart payment module, and download the app on iOS or Android. Data is updated automatically. Notifications about each payment are also sent to your mobile device, and to view their history, you just need to open the app.

For Android users, developers have introduced the ability to accept payments via NFC. The technology turns an ordinary smartphone into a full-fledged terminal: enter the amount, the purpose of payment, bring your bank card and confirm the payment. This will save you money on purchasing a POS terminal that is not cheap.

Real-time Analytics
By enabling the Opencart payment module, you will get tools for studying customers' behavior. The Analytics system is built into the plugin, so after activation, you can track the status of each payment in real-time. You will see at what stage the client is and so you will be able to help him in time.

Users get additional information about clients: devices used, payment methods, countries, currency, and other information. You can study the received data in your account or create reports by saving them on your computer.

How much does it cost to connect
You do not need to pay for registration, using the Opencart payment gateway, or other payment acceptance methods. The platform only takes a commission from the payment, which is set up either for the seller or the buyer. That is, without the initial investment, you will be able to test the full functionality of the system and already pay for it after receiving the results.

How to install the Opencart plugin
Follow the instructions to install the Opencart payment module:
1. Move the contents of the upload folder to the root of the site.
2. In the control panel, go to the "add-Ons" section - > "add-ons Manager". Click the Update button.
3. Select and install "Fondy" from the list.
4. After clicking the "Edit" button, fill in the fields and save the changes.
By using the Fondy payment module for Opencart, you can change the appearance of the page, add payment methods, set up automatic payments, and so on. The result is convenient business management, faster payment acceptance, satisfied customers, and increased profits!

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