Price Live Update

Price Live Update
Price Live Update is an ocmod module that updates all the price related fields in the front store product page every time the user changes any options' related selection.

The supported fields that are updated are: price, special, reward points, price in reward points and ex-tax (see screenshot).

  • Update price fields when a product option changes or the quantity field changes (the supported option types are radio, selects and checkboxes).
  • The quantity field can reload the price information either on the change event or the input event (configurable).
  • Fade-out, fade-in animation when the price related fields change (configurable)
  • Obeys the opencart setting that displays prices only when a customer is logged-in.
  • Takes into account product's specials and discounts (if any).
  • Reload the prices automatically when the product page is loaded to allow products that have minimum quantites > 1, to display correct information (configurable)
Live demo is available [here]. (Note: this is an Opencart 2.x instance but the extension works exactly the same with the Opencart 3.x versions. Credentials for the demo [admin page]: admin/$968-43KrcTYyN)

  • Upload the zip file you have downloaded using the Extension Installer
  • Go to Extensions -> Modifications and click 'Refresh'
  • Go to Extensions -> Modules, find the 'Price Live Update' module and click 'Install'
  • Edit the module's settings, change the available settings to their desired values and click 'Save' (Note: You need to click 'Save' at least once so the module's settings are stored in the database).
Theme customisation is free of charge.

This module is fully compatible with Option Combination Stock Management

For any questions or support please contact me at opencart443 (at)


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