Admin Insert Prices With tax

Admin Insert Prices With tax

Updated for Opencart -
This extension will let you insert prices for products with or without tax. A lot of Opencart users have their product prices WITH tax and it's a hassle to convert each product without tax and then insert them in the product prices.

this modification allows you to insert prices with tax in:
- Product Price including tax
- Product Options including tax
- Product Discounts including tax
- Product Specials including tax

click the demo button and see it in action

When ever you enter a price in the field Price+tax the price without tax is automatically calculated (based on the choosen/used tax class). If you change the tax class, the price without tax is automatically calculated

Make sure you have vqmod installed. If you don't have vqmod installed:
- To install vqmod, you will have to download it from
- Download latest version :
- Unzip -> ftp files and folders to the root of your Opencart Installation.
- Login in admin and go to this URL (replace '' with your own domain)

Just drag the folder vqmod (in folder upload of your current version of Opencart you are using) of this extension in the root of your webshop (FTP) - or - find PSM_Admin_prices_with_tax.xml in this package and ftp this to vqmod/xml/

- After that go in admin to System --> Settings --> Options ->Taxes
- Set "Insert Prices Including Taxes" to yes and choose wether you want "Calculate Taxes Based On The Store Location" or not. Make your selection and hit "Save"
- Navigate to Catalog -> Products -> Edit a Product (or create a new one) and see the new price-field "Price+Tax"
- Insert the price with tax and set the Tax class -> See how the price changes......

That's it! Enjoy You are now a step closer to a perfect Opencart System

NOTE: not tested on Mijoshop and equivalents and only works on default admin template!


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