Complete Google Analytics

Complete Google Analytics

• A Must Need Extension.
• Tags for both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4
• Google Universal Analytics + Events + Enhanced eCommerce Tracking + GA4 + Adwords Conversion.
• Complete Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce Tracking Using gtag.js
• Track Page Views, Product Clicks, Product Detail View, Product Performance, Related Product List Performance, Product Search
• Checkout Begin, Checkout Progress, Checkout Login/Register, Shipping Method & Payment Method Name, Order Confirm, Abandon Order Conversion
• Successful Transaction Data Using Google Enhanced eCommerce Tracking
• eCommerce Conversion : Opencart Order ID, Order Amount, Order Counts, Shipping Rate, Order Tax, Order Coupon Code, Order Products With Product Name, SKU, Product Price, Quantity, Product Category, Product Brand
• Shopping Behavior, Product Performance, Sales Performance, Product List Performance
• Funnel Visualization, Goal Tracking, Measuring Checkout Process, Measuring An Addition Or Removal From Cart, Measuring Transaction
• Google AdWords Conversion Tracking
• Below Events Are Track:
1 PageView - Tracking Page Visit, Page Name, Page URL
2 view_item - Product Details Page
3 view_item_list - Related Products
4 view_search_results - Search Keyword And Searched Products Result
5 add_to_cart - Track When Click On Add To Cart Button
6 remove_from_cart - Track When Click On Remove From Cart Button
7 add_to_wishlist - Track When Click On Add To Wishlist Button
8 add_to_compare - Track When Click On Add To Compare Button
9 login/register - Track When Login / Register Successfully
10 checkout_progress - Checkout Steps With Steps Name
11 add_shipping_info - Track Checkout Shipping Method Name
12 add_payment_info - Track Checkout Payment Method Name
13 Purchase - When a purchase is made or checkout flow is completed. A person has finished the purchase or checkout flow and lands on thank you or confirmation page
• Support Multiple Currencies
• Support Multi-Store Based Complete Google Analytics
• Support All Theme Journal2, Journal3, Pavo, Foster Template
• Support Quick Checkout, Journal Theme Checkout, One Page Checkout
• Support Opencart Version 2.X + 3.X
• Support Ocmod + Vqmod
• Free Installation and Free Support
• No Hidden/Extra Cost
• Note : Extension Licence Valid For Single Domain Only (Except Multi Store)

• 1. Download Extension According Your Opencart Version
• 2. Admin > Extensions > Extension Installer > Choose "" file
• 3. Admin > Extensions > Modification > Click On Refresh Button On Top Right Corner
• 4. Admin > System > Users > User Groups > set Access / Modify Permission.
• 5. Admin > "Complete Google Analytics" Menu.

• skype : opencarttools

What customers say about Complete Google Analytics

Atendimento excepcional! Exceptional support!
awesome extension! But the most important part is support. Very fast and kind. They solved my problem even if it is not directly related with extension. I was trying to solve my problems for moths and it was caused my highly modified payment method. But now it is solved! Everything works perfect :)


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  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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