Complete Google Analytics 4 + Adwords Conversion Tracking

Opencart Order Conversion Tracking Using "Purchase" Events. Track Page Views, Product Clicks, Product Detail View, Product Performance, Related Product List Performance, Product Search.

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• The First Professional Opencart Extension For Complete Google Universal Analytics + GA4 + Adwords eCommerce
• Google Consent Mode V2
- implementing Google Consent Mode V2 is mandatory by March 2024 for all websites using Google services
- Google has introduced Consent Mode. Using Consent Mode in web GTM, you can adapt tags behavior based on user consent
- Google to obtain explicit consent for the collection and use of European citizens personal data. In response to this and other privacy regulations, Google has updated its Consent Mode to version 2, making it compulsory for advertisers who wish to use Google Ads for remarketing and auto-bidding
• Opencart Order Conversion Tracking Using "Purchase" Events
• Track Page Views, Product Clicks, Product Detail View, Product Performance, Related Product List Performance, Product Search
• Checkout Begin, Checkout Progress, Checkout Funnel Steps, Order Confirm
• Ecommerce Data : Opencart Order Id, Order Amount, Ordered Quantity, Shipping Amount, Tax Amount, Order Coupon Code, Ordered Products With Product Name, Sku, Product Price, Quantity, Product Category, Product Brand
• Shopping Behavior, Product Performance, Sales Performance, Product List Performance
• Funnel Visualization, Goal Tracking, Measuring Checkout Process, Measuring An Addition Or Removal From Cart, Measuring Transaction
• Shopping and purchasing behavior
• Economic performance
• Product Attribution

Enhanced Events
• login - user has logged in
• sign_up - user has signed up for an account
• add_to_cart - an item was added to a cart for purchase
• add_to_wishlist - an item was added to a wishlist
• refund - user submit refund form
• view_item - some content was shown to the user. Product views and interactions
• view_item_list - event when a user is shown a list of items, Like related products
• search - help you identify the most popular content in your app
• view_cart - user view shopping cart page
• checkout_progress - To measure each subsequent checkout step
• set_checkout_option - To measure a checkout option (i.e. selected payment method)
• begin_checkout - user has begun a checkout
• purchase - Order Confirmed. user has finished the purchase and lands on "Thank You" Or "Success" page

Product Impression
• affiliation - store name (Multi store support)
• id - SKU or product id
• name - product name or title
• quantity - product ordered quantity
• price - product price (if special/discount then special/discount price else actual price)
• discount - difference amount between price and special price
• currency - the currency, in 3-letter ISO format
• brand - the brand name / manufacturer name
• category - the product category name
• search_term - the search keyword (for search event)

Purchase Event Action Data
• transaction_id - opencart order id (for purchase event)
• value - order final amount (for purchase event)
• shipping - order shipping amount (for purchase event)
• tax - order tax amount (for purchase event)
• items - ordered products
• coupon - order coupon code
• checkout_step - representing a step in the checkout process
• checkout_option - Checkout option (i.e. selected payment method)

Google AdWords Conversions Enhanced
• Google AdWords Enhanced Conversions Tracking At Checkout Success Page
• AdWords Conversion Tracking When a purchase is made or checkout flow is completed. A person has finished the purchase or checkout flow and lands on thank you or confirmation page
• Track Order Id, Order Amount, Currency
• Enhanced Conversions is a feature that can improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement
• Enhanced Data : email, phone_number, first_name, last_name, home_address.street,, home_address.region, home_address.postal_code,

More About Extension
• Setup by multi store
• Support multiple currencies
• Support any theme, quick checkout, payment extensions
• Support all major themes like Journal2, Journal3, Pavo, Foster
• Support Quick Checkout, Journal Theme Checkout, One Page Checkout
• Support opencart version 1.5.X + 2.X + 3.X + 4.X
• Free installation and free support
• No hidden/extra cost
• All files are newer in extension
• Note : extension license valid for single domain only (except multi store)

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