Store Credit Expiry System

Store Credit Expiry System

If you want the store credit you add to the customer has a period of usage (will expire after a specified period of use), so this extension is suitable for you.

With this extension you can specify how long (in days) store credit can be used after added. And after period passed (expired), this extension will automatically add a negative balance in accordance with the value of that expired store credit. [see: figure 3]

You can also add an exceptions list for customers or customer groups that don't want to be applied expiration on the use of store credit. So, for them, their store credit can still be used forever (as usual). [see: figure 2]


  • For Opencart 2.x and 3.x
  • Opencart FTP setting enabled


  • Easy installation (OCMOD)
  • Easy setting.
  • Has exceptions list.


In calculating expired store credit, this extension is applying the FIFO (first in first out) system. First get store credit will be first used store credit.

So, for example, customer get $10 store credit and then get $20 store credit. And for the next, when they use that store credit by $18, it will be taken $10 from $10 earned store credit (used all) plus $8 points from $20 earned store credit (used partially). And after a specified period there is no use of store credit again, so $12 of $20 points will be expired.

For store credit that earned and used before this extension is activated, in calculating expired store credit will also consider customer's total store credit. So it doesn't generate a negative balance.

1-Jan: Get $25 store credit
1-Feb: Use $20 store credit
25-Feb: This extensions has just been activated, and 'expired days' setting is 15 days.

If based on the calculation of time, store credit that earned on 1-Jan - $25 - should have expired, because there is no use after 15 days. But because it was already used (before this extension), so only $5 are considered expired. So, total balance back to zero, instead of negative.
To inform the customers about active period of store credit, you need to use your own method. This extension doesn't facilitate it.


To find out how the setting, you can go to the admin demo page

username: demo
password: demo

Open: Extensions > Modules > Store Credit Expiry System

To find out how does it works, you can go to the frontend demo panel. And follow the steps below.

--- you need to get store credit first ---

1. Place an order.
2. Back to admin demo panel.
3. As admin, open your order details.
4. Add cashback manually using the 'add casback' button ('+' symbol). <-- this related with other extension, no correlation with this extension
5. Check your store credit on transactions detail.
Your store credit should be added.

--- here this (store credit expiry system) extension works ---

6. Back within 24 hours.
Store credit will be expired in 1 day, as its setting.
7. Check your store credit again.
You will be notified that your earned store credit previously had expired by adding negative balance.



  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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  • Documentation Included



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