OpenStock - stock control for product option/choices/variants

OpenStock - stock control for product option/choices/variants

You can now create individual stock levels and prices for each of your product variations with OpenStock. If you offer multiple product variations, OpenStock is essential for your ecommerce store as OpenCart does not allow individual stock levels for variations. See which styles sell the most and manage your stock levels more efficiently.

Please note that this module was built and works with the default theme, custom themes may need editing, and we offer this service via our OpenBay Pro shop site. Please note that if there is a technical issue then to raise a ticket however if the issue is caused by your theme you will be advised that you'll need a Custom Theme Patch Service:/b]


  • Individual stock control of each product option
  • Customer group pricing (default, wholesale prices etc)
  • Unique image per option
  • Easy to use administrator product area
  • Multi language support
  • Ajax loading of pricing, stock status and image
  • Easy install under Extensions > Modules
  • vQmod file modification - no core code changes
  • Export / Import feature (via CSV) for product variants (bulk stock control only)

The reworked admin area makes managing product options easy, simply select a product or enter a stock value and SKU code. OpenStock gives you individual control over each variant; active or inactive, subtract stock, SKU code and stock level. Stock control can be performed on select, radio or image choice so it's perfect for clothing stores that have size and colour options.

  • OpenCart to
  • vQmod

Using a custom theme?
If you are using a custom theme, you may have to modify the XML files to match your theme's code. Our developers can do this for you for an additional fee - please raise a support ticket here to arrange this service.

OpenCart Version:
  • This version of OpenStock is for use with OpenCart to If you wish to use OpenStock with OpenCart 2.0 or higher, please purchase OpenStock 2.
  • The OpenStock module has been completely rebuilt for OpenCart 2.0. To use OpenStock with OpenCart 2.0, you must purchase the OpenStock 2 module even if you already have our original OpenStock module.
  • Please note that OpenStock and OpenStock 2 are not compatible. There is no upgrade available between the two modules.

Use with OpenBay Pro
When you have OpenStock and OpenBay Pro for eBay installed you can also list using variants of products and manage them together.
Please note [b] this can be used with Amazon, however, you'll need to create the listing within Amazon with variants and then link this up within OpenBay Pro with the Amazon SKU, this can not be done within OpenBay Pro when Listing a product to Amazon

[b]Need more advanced importing / exporting?

iSenseLabs have adapted their ExcelPort module to be compatible with OpenStock, this needs to be purchased separately. ExcelPort allows admin staff to easily import & export their catalogue. Currently their module does not support the specials and discounts of OpenStock.

  • Module (one time use only)
  • [*] Contents of installation

    This module will not be installed by the creator. we do offer a installation service which can be found here:

    You are entitled to use this module on a single installation only. Support is offered for 12 months after purchase and does not include compatibility issues with other modules. You MUST register here to be entitled to free support.


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    Compatibility, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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