Auto Related Products

Auto Related Products
Enhance your OpenCart store’s product pages effortlessly with our Related Products Display Plugin. Say goodbye to manual product assignments, as this plugin automates the display of related products, saving you time and effort. Tailored for OpenCart 2x and 3x versions using OCMOD and OpenCart 4x with VQMOD, this plugin ensures easy installation without overwriting core files.

Problem Statement:
The default OpenCart setup requires admins to manually assign related products to each item, a time-consuming task that can lead to incomplete or neglected product suggestions. Our plugin addresses this issue by dynamically showcasing related products based on categories and manufacturers, ensuring a filled and attractive display on every product page.

  1. Automated Related Products: No more manual assignments; let the plugin handle the display of related products.
  2. Configurable Display Limit: Admins can set a maximum number of related products to display, providing flexibility and control.
  3. Smart Logic: Display related products based on category and manufacturer, ensuring relevance.
    Fallback to Random Products: If no related products are found using the specified logic, the plugin intelligently displays random products.
  4. SEO Optimization: Enhance SEO performance by automatically building internal links through the related products module.
  5. Stock and Availability Check: Ensure that only in-stock and available products are showcased, enhancing user experience.
  6. Compatibility: OCMOD for OpenCart 2x and 3x, VQMOD for OpenCart 4x (VQMOD installation required for OpenCart 4x).

  • Time-Saving: Say goodbye to manual assignments and let the plugin handle the related product display.
  • Easy Installation: No core file overwrites, ensuring a hassle-free integration into your OpenCart store.

Why Use This Plugin:
Streamline your workflow, enhance user experience, and boost SEO with our Related Products Display Plugin. It’s the perfect solution for OpenCart store owners looking to effortlessly showcase relevant product suggestions on each product page.

Importance for Your OpenCart Website:
  1. Efficiency: Save time and effort by automating the related product display process.
  2. User Engagement: Keep your customers engaged with relevant product suggestions based on categories and manufacturers.
  3. SEO Boost: Improve your store’s SEO performance by automatically building internal links through the related products module.
  4. Stock Management: Ensure that only in-stock and available products are showcased, preventing customer frustration.

How it works?

Basically this extension is dependent on the limit setup. It checks the limit and then checks if there are any related products assigned to the products. If there is no products assigned or few products assigned then it fills the remaining related products automatically. Thus the products you assigned first are shown first and then the auto fetched products are shown.

The auto related products algorithm is based on the category and brand. It initially checks the other products in the same category and then it checks for products in same brand. If none were found then it fetches random products. Thus your related products are always filled.

This extension will not show out of stock products.



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