Product Quick View

Product Quick View
What is a Product Quick View Module?
The product quick view module is helpful for store owners to increase their store sales.
The module has some excellent features. It is quick, easy and more convenient for the customers.
This Module is also fully customizable and you can Enable/Disable options of Quick view Like(Enable/ Disable Add to Cart Button, Wish list , Rating, Price, Stock, Review, Related Product, Reward Point, Share Enable, Description, Product from admin.

According to theme you can set Colour of Quick view Button.

Free Support.
Support All Version of OpenCart.
Easy Installation.
Enable/Disable option for product page.
Enabled/Disabled 'Quick View' Module from the admin side.
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You Can Set Color of Quick View Button According to Your Theme.
With this extension you can quickly view product details.
This Module Enables in All side of Your Store Like
1. All Default Module of Your Store.
2. Category, Search, Product page in Related Products Etc..

If you find any problem with this module you can contact


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  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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25 Nov 2020

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