Attribut&coViewer. Attribute - it is easy!

Attribut&coViewer. Attribute - it is easy!
    Creation of new groups and attributes in the same tree;
    Drag-and-drop and copy-paste technologies:
    Copy attributes of one group to another;
    Transferring attributes from group to group (group change);
    Drag-and-drop sorting of groups and attributes within a group;
    Drag-and-drop adding attributes to a category;
    Transfer of attributes from one category to another (category change);
    Merging attributes (combining) without losing values ​​and relationships;
    Filtering and searching for groups, attributes and attribute values ​​in the tree;
    Editing groups, attributes, patterns and values;
    Substitution of the “Standby template” (default template) at the time of adding the attribute to the product;
    Batch substitution of the “Duty-template” into the goods, at the moment the attribute is added to the category;
    Customization the algorithm adding values ​​and patterns to the product;
    Online viewing of products filtered by attribute or value;
    A set of tools for organizing attributes:
    Search and delete empty attribute values;
    Removing links to nonexistent attributes;
    Defragment attributes. Preparing a parsing group;
    Removing attributes not associated with any product;
    Combining duplicate attributes without losing links;
    Automatic generation of category attributes;
    Multilingualism, the ability to work in parallel with multiple languages;

Features of the View version.
There is a free analogue of the Attribut & co module. Actually, this is the same module, only with a non-commercial license. Externally, the free version does not differ from the paid analogue, except that in the header next to the name of the module will be marked (free). For example, Attribut & co v3.0.6 (free).

The limitations of the free version relate to physical changes in the database. You can perform any actions with Attributes or Values as in the paid module, but no changes will occur in the Database. Those. after reloading the page, everything will become as it was. The free version is designed to explore the possibilities and understand the convenience of working with attributes, as well as to make sure that the module can work on your OpenCart store.

Some features
Some features are still fully retained. For example, drag-and-drop sorting of Groups or Attributes .

All terminology, all descriptions and characteristics do not differ from the paid analogue.

Despite the fact that the version is free, you still need to install a license.

The module is supplied with a separate archive This archive contains the license file. You need to download, unzip this archive, 5.4/ copy the contents of the folder (or with your version of PHP) on top of the site structure.
For the free version, there is no need to negotiate domain names.

What customers say about Attribut&coViewer. Attribute - it is easy!

Closed source and Iconcube loader though not mentioned in the description! Come on, guys! People mainly pay for your support and updates, not for the code itself. If good, they will come back for more. Take an example on all the very successful developers on the OC market. None of them encrypts their content and yet they are successful.

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