Crisp Live Chat Free

Crisp Live Chat Free
Chat with your customers from your Desktop or Mobile
Increase your leads
Collaborate with your team

The best way to chat with your customers

Crisp allow you to interact with your customers. From sales to customer support, Crisp is made to keep your workflow simple. You can add your team-mates to your Crisp and dealing all your chat, e-mails, (and more in the future) from a single interface.

Look at what your visitors are writing

Your website visitors are not all digital natives and some users takes time to write. Crisp allow you to look what your visitors are writing in real-time, allowing you to respond faster than light.

Available on mobile and desktop

Crisp is available on iOS and Android and on Windows and Mac OS.

You can use it in your browser too. It's up to you.

Affordable customer support

Crisp takes a different business approach that other livechat services. We do not sell a limited chatbox service as others do: with Crisp, the base chat service is free and unlimited. This should cover the basic needs of anyone using the service.

You can use paid plugins to extend your Crisp features.

Working hours

Set your working hours in your Crisp dashboard to prevent receiving chat during your valentine's lunch.

See who your visitors are

Crisp allow you to see your visitor e-mail, fullname, picture, location, social networks, and browsed web-pages.

Be notified

* Offline? We send you a notify you on your devices. * Not replying? We forward you chat in your mailbox. You can directly reply to your visitor by e-mail and your reply is forwarded to your Crisp and to your visitor e-mail (if e-mail is provided). We keep up everything synced!

Integrate with other apps

You can integrate Crisp with Slack, your e-mails. Other integrations are coming too: Zendesk, Facebook, Twitter.

Cool chat experience

From smileys to animations, are chat system is made to be fresh, cool and simple. Just try it!


You can try it in admin section of Our Demo Site site for OpenCart (username: demo, password: demo). Go to System -> Setting -> Crisp tab.

After registration :
1) click on setting -> Website Setting
2) select Setup instructions
3) click in Get Website ID (similar : 8312e12f-5d88-45f6-9425-d1c175a3xxxx)
4) copy Website ID in below box
5) paste in Admin->Setting -> Crisp Tab

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