True Preorder

True Preorder


Adds full preordering functionality to your store. You customers will be able to preorder out-of-stock products, and even pay for them (whole amount or defined deposit). True Preorder can also automatically restock your products and notify customers about it.


Unique extension!
▸ Adds full preordering functionality to your store and doesn't create new listings or messes with stock system.
▸ Displays restock date and value, preorder note and deposit amount on every product page separately.
▸ Allows your customers to quickly subscribe via simple form and get notified, when product is restocked.
▸ Automatically restocks out-of-stock products by given value in given date using cron (cron service is required).
▸ Replaces Add to Cart button with Preorder or Our of Stock for all out-of-stock products, where applicable.
▸ Tons of options: show or hide restock date and quantity, deposit amount and note, subscribe form, etc.

Current version: 2.2.3 (change log)


True Preorder is absolutely unique extension, which doesn't create additional order or inquiry listings, but instead integrates in your store and expands its functionality. It allows you to make some or all of your products preorderable, even if they're out of stock. Preorderable products can be purchased and paid in two steps: first part - on checkout (preorder deposit) and the rest - later (preorder balance).

True Preorder can even automatically restock products by given value in given time and notify subscribed customers about. To make things more user-friendly all out of stock products will have Add to Cart button replaced with Preorder or Out of Stock warning depending on given conditions.


Place an order on our demo site (login:, password: demo). Add Samsung products (they are preorderable) to cart and checkout.

Extension settings can be found in admin section of our demo site (username: demo, password: demo). Go to Extensions -> Order Totals and click Edit near True Preorder.


You will find documentation on extension's page. For support us via email or forum.


Please, read our support terms before purchase.

What customers say about True Preorder

An excellent preordering system, fast, simple and very useful! I'm using it for one of my stores and it works flawlessly. Had some issues, but developer replied me in a matter of MINUTES and helped me to solve them. I also had a couple ideas, which were added right in the next release. Great job! Will definitely buy something else from this developer
Krotek started out very friendly until I had problems. This product has many faults and is broken. And they refuse refund when requested. Be aware they hide behind their terms & conditions - They will not refund when faults are discovered (they prefer to argue). Let me clear this sofwate is 'FAULTY' and is not fit for purpose.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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