Quickbooks Opencart Integration Sync Import Export Consultancy

Quickbooks  Opencart Integration Sync Import Export Consultancy

Note: This solution is tested on a few versions of Quickbooks so there might be a case it doesn't works correctly with your version , so prior to purchase ask us about compatibility , if its not compatible we will provide you a compatible version.

If you are using Quickbooks and want to sync products Quantity with Opencart this is the solution.

Our Independent One time paid solution synchronize Inventory on Quickbooks and Opencart.

How it works.
1. Our sync application will connect both quickbooks and opencart databases.
2. Whenever Order is placed. List Of items and quantity are exchanged between opencart and quickbooks.
3. Quantity of each item is subtracted equally wherever order is placed.
4. Products are identified on the basis of Item number in Quickbooks and Model in Opencart.
5. Quantities are subtracted equally when order is placed on Opencart or Quickbooks.
6. Our solution contains an application and Opencart plugin.
7. One time cost.
8. No third party server involved.
9. Data is shared between Quickbooks and Opencart directly.
10. No per month fee involved.

For details please read our blog post.

Complete Blog Post on Quickbooks & Opencart Sync

Note: This solution is very basic in its nature. We can provide custom solution based on data you want to sync.

Advanced Versions can be developed On Demand.
Possible Features Of Advanced Versions described below.

There are a number of ways data can be shared between both. So you need to direct us on what exactly you need.

1. When an order is placed on Quickbooks or Opencart , quantity of product should be equally subtracted from both.
2. When a product is added on any platform it should be added to the other as well.
3. When an order is placed on Opencart it should be exported to Quickbooks.
4. When an order is exported , If customer is not on Quickbooks it should be created.
5. When an order is exported , If product is not on Quickbooks it should be created.
6. When a product is changed the price and quanitity should be updated on the other.

Basically Products, Orders and Customers are the data that is common between both.

On these events data can be updated / shared / sync.
1. Product / Order / Customer is added.
2. Product / Order / Customer is deleted.
3. Product / Order / Customer is updated.

Note: We can provide Installation service and Application based on your version of Quickbooks and Opencart

Contact our support team at https://iextendlabs.com/helpdesk
Contact us with details of your Quickbooks version .
email us at support@iextendlabs.com


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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