Product Badge

Product Badge
Product Badge is a simply awesome modification to increase your product reputation and show the difference between products on your store. You can add special, new, best price badge or else on your product through admin product form. Badge will be applied for all products on some area as list below :
1. module (bestseller, featured, latest, special)
2. page (category, manufacturer, search, special, product)

★ Multi badge per product
★ Allow set position and adjust size of badge
★ 4 Different positions to show badge on product image
[New] Bulk add/delete badge
★ Multistore support. That is mean for same product, you can set different badge for different store.
★ Easy installation and use

For OC 2.x need Vqmod to work, please use latest version of vqmod.

Available both VQMOD and OCMOD, for OC 3.x only.

Demo: Demo Here
Demo: Demo Here
username : demo
password : demo

Integration to third party theme
For integration to third party theme, please contact us first before you purchased it.

Note & Warning:
★ Please try it before ake a decision to purchase it! Purchase, only if our demo meet what you need.
★ This mods is not compatible with aceshop, mijoshop and other integration.
★ This mods is not compatible with any extension/module/mods which that is need to change code image through file controller or model example label maker/corner image, sold out label, watermark, seo image from seo megapack, magiczoom image. We can't mention one by one because too many extension.
This extension developed based default module (bestseller, featured, latest, special) and default page (category, manufacturer,search,special). For third party module or theme have additional module/page, off course they need add code for product badge. So, please contact us first.
★ For integration to third party theme, we may charge small fee dependent your theme.
No refund if you are using third party module/theme and purchase this extension without contact us first.

Be aware extension/mod based on vqmod/oocmod work by search code and change it. If code from default module/theme is different with your third party module/theme, that mean you need adjust it. For example, code default "abcde" and my extension need search code "abcde" and change it to "abcd". May be code "abcde" can't found on your module/theme, but there are "cdeab", so you need adjust code to find code "cdeab" and change it to "abcd".

For OC and OC, there are a bug. You need to fix it first.

What customers say about Product Badge

Susanto and the team at OpencartBoost went above and beyond to help make the extension work with my custom theme. The extension now works great. The support by OpencartBoost were very quick, knowledgeable and with excellent communication. Highly recommended!
Works great...I do wish it would add the badge when shared to facebook using Opengraph- so when shared the viewers could see the item was on SPECIAL...not sure thats even possible but I am very happy with this mod


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