301, 302, 303 Redirects - SEO

301, 302, 303 Redirects - SEO
301, 302, 303 Redirects - SEO

301, 302, 303 Redirects - SEO is Create an unlimited number of 301, 302 and 303 URL redirects to optimize the SEO of your website. Also includes a CSV importer to create redirects in bulk.

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Unlimited number of redirects
Create as many redirects as you like with the module and choose between three different types of redirect:
- 301 - URL permanently moved to a new location
- 302 - URL temporarily moved to a new location.
- 303 - GET method used to retrieve information.
All the redirects created in the module will be listed into a table at the bottom of the module page and could be deleted easily at any time.

NOTE : Each link must be fully written (1 url = 1 redirect), it's not possible to use wildcard patterns (*, ?, etc) to replace character strings.

Important:Our module is only able to redirect pages of the domain on which the module is installed. If the module is installed on www.domain.com for example, the module could redirect pages only FROM www.domain.com TO any other domains you want.

- Unlimited number of URL redirects
- Perfect to redirect products, categories, CMS, cart...
- 3 types of URL redirects : 301, 302 and 303
- Create redirects individually (one by one)
- Import redirects in bulk inside the module via a CSV file
- Generate a CSV file that contains all the pages not found on your shop
- Export redirects in CSV file (save)
- Warnings to avoid duplicates and wrong format
- Improvement of your SEO
- Improvement of your customer experience
- No interaction with the .htaccess
- Compatible with multistore
- Free and quality support provided within 1 year after the purchase of the module to help you in case of problems with the module

Extra features
The modules includes some extra features that you find very helpful:
The button "Pages not found" allows you to generate a CSV file that contains all the pages not found on your shop (the file can be easily edited and uploaded later inside our module to create redirects quickly for these pages)
The button "Export all redirects" allows you to export the redirects created inside our module in a CSV file to order to save them
The buttons "Delete" and "Delete all redirects" allows you at any time to delete one redirect or to delete all of them

No modification of the .htaccess file
Please note that the module does NOT modify and does NOT write into the .htaccess, the redirects are created directly into the code of the page and stored in the database (the module creates its own table).

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no documentation
Good extension and service.
Very good SEO redirect extension. Had few issues but developer helped us very quickly and fixed. Highly recommended.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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