Google Sitemaps, Bing Sitemaps, Image Sitemaps +++

Google Sitemaps, Bing Sitemaps, Image Sitemaps +++
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  • Generate XML Sitemaps for Google, Bing, plus any Other Search Engines that accept XML Sitemaps
  • Does not require you to click a button to generate sitemaps
  • Generate sitemaps for Categories, Products, Brands, Pages and Images!
  • Generate Additional Sitemap for Custom OC Pages from SEO URL Keywords, such as Blog Extensions, etc
  • Generate Additional Sitemap for Non-OC Pages, such as HTML files, PDF files, etc
  • Ping your sitemap(s) directly to Google and Bing
  • Can handle unlimited number of Products
  • Many options and features available - See the Demo below
  • New in v4.3.0 - OC 2.3 + Add exclusions for pages you don't wish to appear in the sitemap.
  • New in v4.3.0 - OC 2.3 + Generate a robots.txt file with the ability to dynamically add any exclusions you have added.

OC2.3.0.2 - OC 3.x
View and follow the Installation / Upgrade documentation at:
OC1.5.x - OC
Documentation is included in the downloaded zip file

Demo OC2.3.0.2 - OC 3.x
Demo OC1.5.x - OC

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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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