Multi-Merchant/Drop Shipper Core 3.0

Multi-Merchant/Drop Shipper Core 3.0

This contribute Multi-Merchant/Drop Shipper Core 3.0 module to extend OpenCart 2.x/3.x capability to convert the existing online store to Multi-Merchant capable online store. That created opportunity to allow SME to sell the products through online store without necessary to purchase expensive hosting services. Registered merchant is provided will all flexibility to manage own dashboard such as product, sales, coupon discount, payment request, return and transaction details. It is also useful for drop shipper to keep tracks of the product source and product cost. Meanwhile, store admin also earn the commission from merchant. The system has integrated with email system to trigger email to merchant when respective products was purchased by customer.

The store admin can assign different commission level associate to each merchant (fixed, percentage or month/year subscription basic). The merchant will charge by store admin only when there is a successful transactions or selected signup plan. The system helped store admin to keep tracks all successful sales from each merchant and easy payout at agreed interval through PayPal. The module create individual merchant dashboard to allow each merchant to manage and update products and sales respectively.

☆ Allow to add unlimited merchant information
☆ Allow to add unlimited shipping couriers
☆ Monthly sales order report for each merchant
☆ Keep tracks payout report for merchant
☆ Support payment request from merchant
☆ Easy manage product return at merchant dashboard
☆ Simple PayPal button for easy payout per product
☆ Simple PayPal button for easy payout to merchant by accumulated monthly sales order
☆ Easy access to products from same merchant
☆ Easy email message modification sent to merchant from store admin
☆ Easy email activation to trigger notification email to merchant at Checkout or History Order status update
☆ Strict permission control over merchant login to manage own product, category, download, profile and password
☆ Each merchant own its dashboard (Sales order, Total sales, Total Orders, Total Products and Statistic chart)
☆ Support merchant SignUpX or SignUp at store front
(SignUpX is express signup as merchant without have customer account)
☆ Merchant/product second level approval by store admin
☆ Image folder control for each merchant
☆ Different commission level can associate to each merchant
(fixed rate, percentage and month/year subscription)
☆ Merchant print invoice button enable
☆ Easy control to print store or merchant address at invoice
☆ Easy product limit control over merchant
☆ Easy setup shipping rate per product enabled
☆ Allow different commission level to associate for each merchant
(fixed rate, percentage, percentage + fix rate or fix rate + percentage, monthly/yearly + fixed/%)
☆ Allow pay per product at sales transaction through PayPal standard
☆ Order status update notification control
(system trigger email to customer only when all item are shipped by merchant)
☆ Single tax rate enabled
☆ Enhance payment record selection in merchant payment transactions
(Now you have option to choose when add payment record such as PayPal, Cheque and other payment method)
☆ Multiple checkout option to trigger notification email to merchant when customer checkout
☆ Bundle multi-flat shipping rate per item module depend on GeoZone
☆ Allow personalize attribute, attribute group and options customization at merchant interface
☆ Coupon support for merchant at product level discount
☆ Include three payment gateway (Cheque, bank transfer & PayPal) to customer pay to merchant directly
at multi-store purpose
☆ Added shipping couriers image at checkout page for multi-flat shipping rate per item module
☆ PayPal Adaptive Payment Ready (module sell separately)
☆ Payment Stripe Ready (module sell separately)
☆ PayUMoney Payment Gateway Ready (module sell separately)
☆ Payment WePay Ready (module sell separately)
☆ Global options, attribute and attribute groups to merchant
☆ Easy contract renewal features to merchant logon panel
☆ Product page update notification thus store admin receiving email whenever product information is update
☆ Merchant Enabler allow store admin enable/disable merchant and products at single-click button
☆ Easy view of available merchant contract information (limit to monthly or yearly signup) such as remaining
days available; single button click to send email
☆ Support all types of languages except you need to make own translation. Instruction provided.
☆ Import/Export product feature added (8th March 2018)
☆ Multi-layer order status update to store admin at dashboard

Enhance To Work Seamlessly In Mobile Device with OpenCart Theme

Add category discount by coupon [18th March 2018]
Import/Export product feature added [8th March 2018]
Minor bugs update and code improvement [22th Dec 2017]

Attached some screen captured with additional plugins installed.

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