Paypal Adaptive ( for multiseller / multivendor / multishippers)

Paypal Adaptive ( for multiseller / multivendor / multishippers)
Paypal Adaptive useful for multiple payments to seller and admin parallel

A parallel payment is a payment from a sender that is split directly among 2-6 receivers. Technically, a parallel payment is a set of multiple payments made in a single Pay request.
Parallel payments are useful in cases when a buyer intends to make a single payment for items from multiple sellers. Examples include the following scenarios:
a single payment for multiple items from different sellers, such as a combination of items in your cart. In these cases, the sender knows the receivers and the amount paid to each one. The following example shows a sender paying 3 receivers in a single parallel payment:

Product Name Cost Commission (20%)
Product1 (sellerA) $100 $20
Product2 (SellerB) $50 $10

How payment will go to receivers:-
Customer will pay $150
SellerA will get $80
SellerB will get $40
Admin will get $20+$10 = $30 (Commission)

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