Store Credit Limitation

Store Credit Limitation

Store credit, as the default OpenCart order total module, on its use will take all available customer's balance (store credit amount). There is no maximum limit on its use. So, for example, when available store credit is more than sub-total amount, it will make a zero payment.

For store owners who don't want case like that, with this module, the use of store credit will have maximum limit. It can be fixed amount or percentage of the sub-total amount.
In other words, store owners can define how much maximum store credit that will be taken / can be used.

And the other is activation limit. Store owners can define the total amount to be achieved before store credit is active. If empty or zero, then store credit will always be active.

Sub-total amount = $140
If limit = 25%
So, maximum store credit = $35


  • For Opencart 4, use VQMOD
    need VQMOD for Opencart 2.6.7 or newer INSTALLED


  • No new page. Only add new features on existing page
  • Can be fixed amount or percentage of the sub-total amount.
  • Also works for Advance Store Credit [link] order total (for buyers of this extension)


For percentage type, maximum limit is calculated from sub-total amount.

In this case, what is meant by 'sub-total amount' is sub-total amount plus amount of other order total modules (tax/fee/coupon/shipping/etc) which has the above sort order of store credit

Example(1): --- limit is set 25% ---
Sub-Total = $134
Handling Fee = $2
VAT = $5
Shipping = $7
Store Credit = -$37 --> 25% x ($134+$2+$5+$7)
Total = $111

Example(2): --- limit is set 25% ---
Sub-Total = $134
VAT = $5
Store Credit = -$34.75 --> 25% x ($134+$5)
Handling Fee = $2
Shipping = $7
Total = $113.25

For users of Advance Store Credit [link], sub-total amount is sub-total amount (without adding other order total modules amount).


To find out how it works, you can go to the demo page.

1. Login with this account (that has store credit amount):

  • e-mail:
  • password: demodemo

2. Make an order above or equal to $130.
3. Go to your shopping cart page or do checkout until the last step (step 6: confirm order).
4. See your total details.
5. It can be seen that the use of 'store credit' is in accordance with the specified limit (50%).

* You can try to make an order below $130, then store credit is not active.

To find out how the setting, you can go to the admin demo page.

username: demo
password: aauwwo

1. Open Extensions > Order Totals
2. Edit: Store Credit
3. You can find a new fields there: 'Total Amount', 'Enable Usage Limitation', 'Type' and 'Maximum Use'

  • 'Total Amount' is the total amount that must be reached before the store credit can be used (active).
  • 'Enable Usage Limitation' is to activate the limitation.
  • 'Type' to select whether fixed amount or percentage.
  • 'Maximum Use' is the value of the desired limit.

--- as a demo user, you can only view it (you can't modify) ---


Only + $4 you will get Store Credit Activation extension. Buy at the following link.



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