Smart Support Center

Smart Support Center
This extension was made by Ukrainian developer.

⍟ What’s "Smart Support Center"? ⍟
...An integral part of a successful online store is the customer support service: answers to the questions, advice's, solving problems with orders, return of goods, and so on. Systematic of these requests is laborious enough if make it by means of e-mail correspondence. To solve this problem, the team of developers "OCdevWizard" created a system that should be in every online store. The main advantages of this system are:
...1) You don’t need to use the services of outside decision support systems that are not part of the engine. Often, these services require a monthly payment for the use. While using our system you pay once only when order it.

...2) Unlike other support systems designed for OpenCart engine, you don’t need to create additional access to store control panel for your staff. This approach threatens the security of your system at all, our system has avoided that approach in work. If you fired your employee, you do not need to change the access to the online store control panel, it is enough to disable the user. Now, on the basis of the separation of support users of the system, you can choose an existing user and assign him a special group of users of the expanded rights of access and ticket control. Such user can make answers to tickets without access to the store's control panel.

...3) Was created a function of separation of access rights and the use of the function for users of the system. This is good so that for example, by default, users can create tickets, to correspond to the ticket, to remove or close the ticket. If the user has a group of users with extended rights, in this case in addition to the basic capabilities he can filter tickets by specific parameters, to assign a responsible manager to the ticket, to change the ticket status, create tags for the ticket and much more.

...4) Smart Support Center module was created for OpenCart engine. Its management and configuration is done in the administrator control panel of online store. It is good that the administrator himself can answer on the buyers tickets and at the same time use the other features and capabilities of his online store.

...All these advantages form the difference of this system from the existing ones and at the same time keep the OpenCart engine standards.
...The team of the developers "OCdevWizard" offers you the excellent solution for your business: module which needs absolutely each internet store. Don’t lose you time – buy the module "Smart Support Center" just now and estimate all its benefits.

⍟ "Smart Support Center" Features ⍟
✯ Help Desk/Support/Ticket system.
✯ Users and Admin can create tickets.
✯ Ticket filter for Admin and Staff.
✯ You can separate users by groups.
✯ You can edit access/permission for user groups.
✯ You can create/edit FAQ page.
✯ You can create/edit/ban users.
✯ You can create/edit user groups.
✯ You can create/edit ticket subject.
✯ You can create/edit ticket status.
✯ You can create/edit ticket priority.
✯ You can use/create/edit ticket canned response.
✯ Users can add own logo/icon.
✯ Staff and Admin can add/delete tags for ticket.
✯ Admin can watch user and staff activity log.
✯ Users can add attachment in ticket conversation.
✯ Staff and Admin can export ticket conversation to .txt file.
✯ Individual customizing email template for notifications.
✯ Select with customer groups and stores should be work module.
✯ You can set working days and hours.
✯ Using vQmod or OCmod.

My ticket system works on this module.

⍟ First launch and Documentation ⍟
Open me for more info - I recommend you to read this.

⍟ Installation, System requirements, Notice ⍟
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⍟ Support Information ⍟
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⍟ Terms & Conditions ⍟
I highly recommend you to read this document before purchasing.

⍟ FAQ ⍟
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