Slasoft Global Admin Language Switch for v2.3 + V3.0 upgrade

Slasoft Global Admin Language Switch for v2.3 + V3.0 upgrade
Slasoft Global Admin Language Switch
It is a very powerful and useful extension whenever you have 2 and more languages need to be managed.

If you have partners or suppliers speak and write different lanagauges, since the mother language usually make less mistakes and provide better efficiency in working environment.

This is for OpeCart ver.2.3 only and this PRO version of language switch offer you more features:
- 2 options :
Option A : The admin langauge switch follows the store and vice versa
Option B : The admin language different with the store langauage
- By selection the "Use Language" at the admin back end, you can hide/show the langauges you want to use in admin side.
- Select different admin login themes
- Select bigger flags size if you feel the original flags are too small at admin backend, it will not affect
the glag size of store front.

*This extension only modify the admin side, thus should not affect the theme for store front such as journal theme or other, unless you have other modification in admin pages before.
Demo Admin:
User: demo
Password: demo

Many online stores sell in US, UK or European countries may have Asian countries for sourcing, and just open an account for the supplier's language, thus the workers feel much easy to handle the product listing for your stores.

This extensions can add up to as many language as your stores for front and back end, the arrangement of the flags priority arrangement are set in the language localisation.

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For V3.0 upgrade, please download:

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