Admin extensions page improvements, show modules by default

Admin extensions page improvements, show modules by default
This simple extension makes several things:
1. Makes list of extension types in admin panel easier to view and select.
2. Makes list of modules to be displayed by default.
3. Adds status column in module list (for Opencart up to version 3.0, then this column exists by default).
4. Adds colours in status column for all type of extensions for better view.

In Opencart 2.3 it is introduced a way of selecting different kind of extensions, filtering by selected type. Unfortunately it is not easy to view and select. This extension changes html select tag in the template from one row size to auto sized select control. Also, to be more helpful, it is selected the list with modules, instead of first type of extension.

Status column is improved (or added in Opencart < 3.0) for better view.

Both vQmod and Ocmod are supported.

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js :-)
There should be more people like this guy!!! This developer offers very useful modifications
~js :-)
Solves an annoying issue with OC 2.3. For free.

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3 May 2018

30 Jan 2017
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